Telecommunication was made probable by Bell telephone system over the wired network, but now these days telecommunication is also feasible on wireless network systems due to most recent wireless technologies such as; GSM, FDMA, CDMA and GPRS systems. Many mobile phone service providers are using these wireless technologies for providing their cell services. The well known cellular service mobile phones providers are Nextel mobile phones, Verizon mobile phones, Cingular mobile phones, Alltel mobile phones, Sprint mobile phones and T-Mobile phones service provider.

Verizon mobile phones

Verizon network works on 800/850, 1900 and  2100 frequencies/bands and its network exploited CDMA and  CDMA200 wireless technologies with high-speed EV DO data service and overlaid AMPS network. Verizon mobile phones service includes verizon VCast for watching video, verizon wireless news and information, verizon VZ Navigator which provides info about locations, verizon text and multimedia messaging and Verizon  CHAPERONE.

Nextel mobile phones

Nextel has earned good status in cellular service providers field and its grade consist of its quality mobile service such as;, text and multimedia messaging, free incoming calls unlimited night and weekend, three ways calling, call hold  as well as call waiting, no rooming charges and popular Nextel  Walkie – Talkie services. Nextel mobile phones are the prominent mobile phone service provider in dc and other states of  U.S.

Alltel mobile phones

Alltel mobile phones provide high-class cellular services for their service consumer’s joy; its well-known cellular services contain 3ways conference calling, caller’s  ID, call forwarding, call waiting, basic voice mail and no-answer transferring. Alltel mobile phones has excellent honor in directory mobile phone services providers.

T-Mobile mobile phones

T-Mobile got levelheaded value in cellular services providers due to GSM network technologies instead of traditional CDMA  wireless technology. Its talkative services include text and multimedia messaging, internet browsing and email sending service and unlimited long space calling to a family member that work and live in other regions. T-Mobiles cellular services are similar with others compared cellular phone services providers.

Cingular Cellophanes

Cingular has marvelous value in mobile phone services providers;  its cellular network operates on GSM wireless technology and  provides many benefits for; text and multimedia messaging,  mobile phone TV stream, 3G services as well as caller’s  ID, call forwarding, voice mailing, call waiting, three ways  calling and Cingular National family talk plan. Cingular is well known mobile phone services providers in Pennsylvania and  all over the United States.

Sprint mobile phones

The well reputation Sprint mobile network launched in 1993 in UK and its valuable and wonderful cellular services include;  wirelessly online games, Sprint TV, music downloads, a broadband wireless web services and latest service is Sprint PCS video mailing and Picture mailing. Sprint is celebrated mobile phone services providers in San and all over 50 states of  USA.