Mobile Browsing Improvement

Mobile Browsing Improvement You Probably Haven’t Tried Before

Most of our Internet browsing habits are still rooted during the time in which laptops and desktops reign supreme. Most Internet users these days pick-up a smartphone, tap the browser icon and do a search. What most people don’t know is that there countless notable improvements in the internet browsing field. Improvements range from easier browsing to better privacy. In this article, we are going to cover some of the best browsing improvements from the past couple of years.

Privacy Grades

Data is the measure of wealth in the Information Age. It’s no wonder that Internet-based companies are gathering as much information as they are legally allowed. If you are concerned about your privacy, then Privacy Grades may be your best friend.

Privacy Grades is all about rating websites when it comes to how much they respect your privacy. If you like this feature, then your best option is DuckDuckgGo privacy browser.

With DuckDuckGo privacy browser, each site you visit will have a privacy score. It ranges from A as the best, and F as the worst. Keep in mind that DuckDuckGo extracts privacy scores from ToS;DR. To get a grade of A, a site must register with ToS;DR and apply for a manual review. Since most websites don’t register with ToS;DR, a privacy score of B is good enough for most people.

Easy History Clearing

If you don’t like the idea of anyone snooping around your browsing history, then doing a regular history clear is a good habit to adopt. If you want the task to be a lot easier, then your best option is the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser.

With DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, clearing your browsing history only takes two taps. In Firefox, the same task requires three taps. For Microsoft Edge, Safari and Chrome, it needs you to tap at least four taps to clear your browsing history.

However, there’s a lesser-known mobile browser, the Firefox Focus, only requires one tap to clear your browsing history. On the downside, the browser is still largely being developed, and there may be a couple of glaring bugs.

DuckDuckGo browser

Single Tap Search

Cake Browser has a cool feature that allows you to optimize your search. If you’re using the default, doing a search would lead to getting a list of results. Then, you can narrow the results by either choosing shopping sites, news, images or video. In other words, there’s nothing out of the ordinary when using the default. However, the Cake Browser has a single tap search feature.

With Cake Browser’s single tap search feature, you get five icons when you are typing your search keywords. You can then tap the video icon, and you will get results that are already narrowed down to videos. The same goes for images, news and such. Under the hood, the process is also different as the Cake Browser does not retrieve all the results, then does a filter. Instead, it only does a search with your search parameters from the start. The results are basically the same, but the method has a big difference when it comes to data consumption.

Swipe Browsing

Cake Browser has an elegant feature when it comes to doing a search. Instead of the usual list of pages, Cake Browser will automatically load the first website on the search engine results. If you don’t like the page, you can just swipe and Cake Browser will load the next site on the search engine result. You can do this indefinitely. You can also swipe back to the previous website.