right age for parents to get their kids a mobile phone

What’s the right age for parents to get their kids a mobile phone?

Children having phones is a modern trend that is currently taking over the society. Many might say that children having a phone is a security measure, others say that their children deserved a phone as a reward for a job well done.

On the other hand, some parents/guardians think that giving a phone to a child is an irresponsible thing to do. They are either too overprotective or too afraid of what the effects brought about by the action. In this article, we are going to tackle on when to give a child a phone.

Understanding the process

To begin with, there are positive and negative effects of handing a phone to a child. Children have different times and processes of becoming mature. Some might be very knowledgeable and know how to use a phone. This can be as a result of too much exposure to the technological world.

They know the value, use and handling of a gadget and this might be a good thing since they can use a phone so as to be more up to date with the technological changes in the society. To some parents, it is a bad thing since they feel their children are too exposed to the world. Some even feel threatened by it.

Teaching responsibility

A child is not as responsible as an adult. Most children might be irresponsible and are prone to losing items or misplacement. Take for example my brother, when he was at a younger age, he went to school with both his shoes and came back with only one (he was being bullied and that’s how he lost one shoe).

He came home the same way for a couple of times till my mother got strict and in due time he got to learn how to take care of his property. As a parent, my mother did not control the bullying but controlled how her child handled himself. Parents or guardians need to teach children how to handle a phone, and not control having a phone.

The responsibility of handling phone to a child can be based on the question of why? It can be for protective measures or personal matters such as health and such.

Parental guidance

Before doing this, they must educate the child on how to handle a phone. This is simply showing by example when to use a phone, and how to use it. My friend’s parents never use phones on the dinner table or during a family meeting. This is a good example of when not to use a phone. Setting boundaries is a strategy for teaching a child how to handle a phone.

Children need to be guided. Setting examples and proper correction is key. An infant follows what is being done by adults, apprentices follow their mentors, even computers follow programs written and so do children follow what their parents/guardians are doing.

This way children have skills on how to handle technology in the currently changing world. Setting good examples is how to prepare a child ready to handle a phone6